What's Next for Verst




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    Joshua Rios

    Wow, this is bs. Will there be refunds? You just did a large promo via app sumo which I bought 4x. Now you're shutting down?

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    Gowithflo Co

    I don't understand.. Are you going to refund people? Will we not have access to the platform at all anymore? 


    Why did you close the comments? Where is the customer service for those who have invested in your brand?


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    Madeleine Ormond

    We are a very small team and we know this is an important time, so we are replying to all of your questions at support@verst.co as quickly as possible. Because we are unable to simultaneously monitor comments on this post, we are shutting them off, but we'll be available via email to help as much as we can until Verst shuts down on 12/21. 

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